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Cellar Craft Showcase

Cellar Craft revolutionised the world of craft winemaking by introducing grape skins into its reds, making the craft experience – from process to taste – truer to traditional winemaking methods and, most importantly, truer to varietal style.

Cellar Craft Showcase is the pinnacle of premium, known for its exceptional quality and taste. Alluring aromatics spotlight the perfected balance of pure varietal grape juice and concentrates, acidity, tannin, and oak, delivering complex character and highlighting the unique nuances that distinguish Showcase from the rest.

We have some really great wines in this range. Each kit contains 18 litres of juice and the red have a pack of grapeskins which when added give more flavour and complex tannins to the finished wine. Each kit makes 30 bottles in around 6 weeks and whilst very drinkable at bottling really benefit to some maturation time.
California Lodi Chardonnay
Green apple, citrus, and tropical fruit aromas, lead into light citrus and peach flavours, with soft vanilla oak, and a creamy finish. Alcohol: 12.5% Oak: Yes. Sweetness: 0. Body: Medium-Full.
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