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FastFerment Conical Fermeter

Move over buckets & carboys, FastFerments are taking over! Our 6.6 gallon/ 30 litre conical fermenter eliminates racking & transferring by doing primary & secondary fermentation in one vessel.
Easy & Efficient
The FastFerment System is a one-stage fermenter, which allows brewers & winemakers to do primary & secondary fermentation in the same unit. FastFerment eliminates racking & transferring between buckets & carboys. This saves approximately 80% of the time & labor needed to make a batch of beer or wine compared to traditional methods. With less equipment, clean up is easy.
FastFerment is a professional system for the average Homebrewer & Winemaker. The conical design limits exposure to oxygen & allows for yeast harvesting.
This unit is wall mounting and comes complete with wall bracket.
Why Use FastFerment?
Guaranteed Consistent Batches
Primary & Secondary Fermentation in the Same Container
No Transfers & No Racking - 80% Less Work
Better Quality Product with No Sediment Contamination
Increased Sanitation with Less Contamination
Less Oxygen Exposure
Ability to Harvest Yeast & Save for Reuse
Conical Fermenter.
One 7.9 US Gallon / 30 Litre Conical Fermenter; 6" (15cm) Screw Top, Grommet & Airlock; Bottom Collection Ball For Harvesting Yeast; 1" Union Teflon Valve and fittings; Wall Mounts (2), Mounting Bolts & Anchors (4); 1/2" (1.25cm) PVC Hose (2' /60cm) & Hose Clamp; Permanent Thermowell for Temperature Monitoring; Instructions.
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If you would rather have your Conical Fermenter free-standing you need this custom made stand.
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Thermometer to fit directly into thermowell
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Collection Ball
Additional Collection Ball. Useful if you want to harvest the yeast.
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Insulated Jacket to keep your fermenter cosy. Will fit your fermenter on its stand or wall mounted.
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'0' Ring
A replacement '0' ring for the cap.
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Tap spigot + Drill
Tap to be used as a sampling port. This includes the hole cutter required to fit it.
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