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We always have a good range of pre-owned rumtopfs available in our stores. If you are after a particular colour or design contact your local store with your requests.
All these rumtopfs are in perfect condition and are full glazed on the inside (important if you want to stop your liqueur escaping!)
Prices vary but are around £20.00 - £35.00 depending on size and style.
Because these are delicate items they are not available for shipping by courier.
Traditionally, Rumtopfs have been used in Germany where they are filled with soft fruits as they come in season. The fruit has some sugar added and then covered with rum, as different fruits come available they are added and again covered with more rum. The spirit will preserve the fruit. Then at Christmas time it is the custom to drain of the rum (which will now be infused with the fruit flavours) and the remaining fruit (which is steeped in rum) is served with cream as a Christmas dessert. Any mix of fruit can be used or even a single type and again different spirits also. Examples can be Sloe Gin, plums in whiskey etc. As long as the fruit is always submerged in the spirit it will remain preserved.
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